Red/White bracelet with A Giftbox(Pillowbox)



Instructions for the Bracelet:

  • cut a generous amount of beading wire,Pass your clasp through the center to make two wires.
  • pass white bead through both wires.
  • pass a red bead(small in size) through left and right wires,then take a white bead and cross both wires.
  • continue the previous step until you reach the desired length of your bracelet.
  • attach the other end of the clasp.
  • you can also add some silver beads passing through the red bead for a good look.

making the pillow box:

  • take a card stock measuring 7.5*9.5 inches.
  • score along 4 inches and 8 inches using your scoring tool(martha stewart scoring board)
  • fold the paper and cut and arc of equal length on both sides.
  • score an arc shape on opposite sides. so you will have some kind of an oval shape.
  • glue the side of the box and fold the arc .



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