the foodies .. (sort of categorised)!! :P

if u categorise people according to the kinds of food that they gobble up,look where the list goes!!!

  1. vegetarians (I include lactovegetarians( who eat dairy products but avoid eggs),lacto-ovo-vegetarians(diary and egg eaters) and vegans(who do not eat any dairy products) in this category!
  2. non vegetarians
  3. non vegetarians except on tuesdays and fridays!
  4. non vegetarians except on mondays and thursdays!
  5. vegetarians only during some festive occasions!
  6. the no- beef (only) people!
  7. the no-sea food (only ) people!
  8. the fruitarians!(only fruits people!
  9. the zero diet people!
  10. the junk food eaters!
  11. the rice only people,i mean who prefer to eat rice all 3 times a day(biryani,pulav,plain rice,jeera rice,lemon rice,curd rice,fried rice,tamarind rice,tomato rice,etc etc..phew!!
  12. the wheat only people!(matlab the ones who prefer chapatis,rotis etc.

if u can think of anything which adds on to the list, let me know !!


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