gattu?? u must be wondering wats that?? okie let me tell you.

we all have a “gattu” living inside our stomach! yeah thats right.. m not joking.. “gattu” is small  and teeny weeny..he has only one kind of action to express all emotions in him..

He jumps(the only action) when he is:

  1. happy
  2. sad
  3. lonely
  4. angry
  5. disturbed

ok let me now explain when he feels like the above..

  • he becomes happy ,rather extremely happy when u feed him with foods like potato,cauliflower,pulses and daal,anything made out of all purpose flour(maida),all kinds of nuts,eggs,
  • he becomes sad when u feed him other foods than the ones mentioned above.
  • he feels lonely when u don’t feed him anything.
  • he becomes angry when you feed him less…
  • he becomes disturbed when you overfeed him with the foods he likes and dislikes.

when he jumps,u can hear small thumping sounds from ur tummy.. like ur tummy goes “gur, gur, gur, gur, ” nonstop.. until  u visit the loo… 🙂

do say hi to gattu!! 😉


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