Are you in a relationship where:

  1. your yesterday’s do not hold against your today?
  2. the mistakes of your past are not used to disturb the pleasantness of your today?
  3. you are able to trust somebody’s intentions even if you cannot approve of their actions?
  4. you need not explain yourself to anyone?
  5. someone brings out the goodness in you and makes you realize how nice you are?
  6. you feel you are in the womb of your mother,so protected,so secure?
  7. you don’t transect;(you did so much,so i will do so much, you have not done so much so i will not do so much)?
  8. what somebody does, and what somebody does not do,does not affect your love towards them?
  9.  irrespective of what you “receive”, you are a “giver” for life?
  10.  you do not use your intelligence to negotiate(why should i do?? n blah blah)?

if you have any one of these relationship, then you must go down on your knees and be thankful to God for giving you such a beautiful relation.

if you don’t ave any such relationship,then like God said:”Do unto others what you would have them do unto you”,try to be that relation to someone who would feel the same..

Give love to all.. “love” should be like a bloating paper or vacuum cleaner which absorbs all nastiness,bad temper,suppressions,complaints,and almost everything to keep the relationship clean and healthy.

(this article is from a speech given by someone! )


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